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At Rocket Cloud IT, we want to help you meet your current and future IT infrastructure needs. Our cloud servers are fully customizable for any environment, and they are always billed at a predictable, flat monthly fee with unlimited usage.


You choose the cloud platform that suits the needs of your company, and we will provide a solution that will help you eliminate all unnecessary hardware costs. Our cloud services support organizations of all sizes, and our certified engineers will work with you to develop and implement a solution specifically tailored to your requirements.


The ability to quickly and easily restore your critical systems and recover from a disaster makes the difference between resuming business and going out of business, but implementing a good disaster recovery solution and maintaining the technology and equipment can be very costly and time-consuming.  





Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence 

Our cloud servers provide a simple, cost-effective disaster recovery solution available 24/7/365 with comprehensive management by our expert engineers.


You decide the level of service that’s right for your business, and for a flat monthly price, you will have a flexible, scalable platform that will keep your data secure and available whenever you need it.



“We’ve been using Rocket Cloud IT for almost 3 years. I am particularly pleased by their focus on security and the attentiveness of their support engineers. Their infrastructure has always been very reliable, and I enjoy not worrying about my servers running out of resources or ever becoming obsolete. Scalability is just a phone call away. I love the easy bill that never goes up unless we decide to add more resources. Rocket Cloud IT has definitely been a smart investment and I highly recommend their services to any company.” Adam L. - New York, NY