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Digital security is extremely important in today’s business environment, but transferring data to clients and partners is always a risk.




Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence 


Rocket Cloud IT can eliminate the headaches associated with your ever changing and ever expanding business.


With our hosted application service, you no longer have to be concerned about the costs of upgrading your hardware to meet your business demands, and your developers can continue to improve your software without having to worry about whether there are enough resources available.





Rocket Cloud IT offers an encrypted portal through which you can securely transfer and share files at any time. Without any software installations, you can easily control the relevant parties that need access to the portal and customize their permissions.





We will manage and monitor your cloud resources while you focus on achieving your goals.








“Our old cloud provider charged for server utilization by the hour, and we were plagued by high bills every month. Rocket Cloud IT gave us the freedom to use all of our servers 24/7/365 for a flat fee.” Paul T. - Chicago, IL