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Cloud platforms provide the same advantages of dedicated server hardware combined with the security, flexibility and performance of the cloud.


We provision all resources in a single-tenant platform based on your computing, storage and network needs. As the sole tenant, your sensitive data will always reside in an isolated environment providing you with peace of mind that your files are protected and in compliance with regulatory requirements.


With Rocket Cloud IT, you enjoy high security and reliable performance at all times because your servers never share or compete with other tenants for bandwidth, CPUs, memory or storage. Your cloud will function as an extension of your own network, and it will be accessible only to your organization through dedicated, secure connections.


Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence 

We believe that your cloud platform should be a useful and simple resource, not one bogged down by the confusion of a complex billing process or the lack of customization options. We are so confident that we can provide you with the most reliable service and support that we are the first cloud provider to do away with annual contracts. You pay a flat fee every month. There are never any surprises in your bill because you only pay for the services you use at the rate you were quoted. Need to add more resources? Just let us know and we will upgrade your plan accordingly.


Use your cloud with the full confidence that you will have the expert resources and support for the needs of your company.

The security and availability of your data are always our main priorities. Our flexible cloud infrastructure offers a variety of options to provide you with the best service for your needs.



“Our old cloud provider charged for server utilization by the hour, and we were plagued by high bills every month. Rocket Cloud IT gave us the freedom to use all of our servers 24/7/365 for a flat fee.” Paul T. - Chicago, IL